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Profit By The Foot

Profit Potential (Application Mind Maps)

Step-By-Step     Profit By The Foot

All companies and product lines are different and pricing and coverage rates differ between various products.  But as service rep and installer for The Concrete Protector, I know what is effectively working for me and many other contractors.

That being said, I've created a few step-by-step "Mind Maps" visually showing the process, the cost and the profit for each step along the way of doing these high-demand concrete finishes . . . don't worry, only the members on DC Kingdom can read this page (it's hidden from your customers that may be browsing the site).

While the charts below don't go into detail of exactly how to do these finishes, they will give you a better understanding of the money that can be made with these systems.

Wood Concrete  20-AnotherpictureofourConcreteWoodFauxFi GraniFlex23-CloseupdecorativeconcreteexteriorchipMetallic Marble26-MetallicMarbleTVutilityroomtank.jpg?wChip Epoxy Flooring29-BasementfireplaceepoxycolorchipflooriTrowel Textures32-JulytrainingTuscanSlateCinnamonthenSl123 System35-artisticconcretesample104.png?width=3Heavy Duty Texture 38-FloorCovering3.jpg?width=400Clean & Seal w/ Penetrating Sealer




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