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Getting the most out of your membership

We all know that time is money . . . right?  With that said, I dont want to bore you with a bunch of useless details on how to best utilize the site but I want to quickly review some stuff here that will be useful to you in your decorative concrete business.

If you haven't already . . . sign-up for a free membership

Then start by reading the following two pages:

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After you've done that, make sure you click the "Groups" navigational link at the top of the page and join a few of the groups there - PLENTY OF GREAT DETAILED INFO on great marketing techniques and cool applications that you could be offering your customers!


About me . . . Andy Franklin (the guy behind this site):

I started a decorative concrete resurfacing business back in 2001 (SupremeCrete Inc.) as a part-time thing (actually more like a 2nd full time job with the long hours I was putting in) but a while later, it turned into a full-time occupation.

Right from the beginning, I started a web site to promote my business and have learned plenty of things and techniques since then on generating work from the internet.  Long story short, I began receiving requests from around the country for quotes patios in Virginia, driveways in Texas, decorative interior flooring in California . . . It was these potential good leads from around the country that prompted me to develop Decorative Concrete Kingdom (someone should be getting these leads, if not me . . . why not you?!).

Originally the site was formed as a Decorative Concrete Directory site where people from around the world could locate good contractors in their area and now the site has developed into a social network for contractors to share and learn from one another and promote their business to potential local customers (so actually, there are 2 sides to the site, the directory side and the social networking side).

The first thing that you'll notice after signing-up is that that we manually approve each new member to keep a tightly focused membership base & to keep out the riffraff ;) 

Thanks for joining Decorative Concrete Kingdom and if you ever have a question about the site or concrete finishes that we do, feel free to message me!

To message me here:

Desktop computer:  Click the In Box link next to your name at the top of the page click on the "New Note" button and search for Andy F in the Recipient box.  

Smart Phone:  Click the "Private Notes" link in the dropdown menu, click on the "New Note" button and search for Andy F in the Recipient box.


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