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Premium Membership

Supercharge Your Business with a Premium Membership

Besides of having all the great features of the free membership of DC Kingdom, you'll get these benefits with a Premium Membership:

1.  A search engine optimized full page listing on the directory side of the site (this one feature alone has generated plenty of good leads for listed members).  This is not the typical three line listing sandwiched between a bunch of other ones like you'd find at other directories or antique yellow pages.  Check out the listing of one of our featured premium members.

Some of the unique features of a Premium Directory Listing Page:

  • Multiple contact links on the page
  • A total of 8 different links that entice your page visitor to contact you for a quote or more information  - including a scrolling contact link on the left side that follows your page visitor as they scroll down your page.


On the top of your page youll get a bunch on CONTACT links (click photo to see larger image):

and on the lower part of your page, there are a bunch more

(click photo to see larger image):


  • A map of your state/province on your directory page with your location pin-pointed at your home town - your business name and contact information will pop-up when visitors click on your map marker.
  • A great way to show your page visitor how close you are to them.
  • Another link to your contact form is embedded on the map when the visitor clicks the pin marker at your location.
  • It's searchable from the main decorative concrete contractor page (and linked to from the main navigation in the social network). Customers in your area can find you without having to click or scroll through a ton of categories. Visitors only have to enter their town or city into the search box and theyll quickly find your premium page.
  • Even if you don't have your own website yet (which we highly recommend that you do), your listing will give you an instant web presence on this highly trafficked, decorative concrete contractor niche website.
  • Social Networking features are included with your premium directory page to help you get the word out about your page and your business.
  • Visitors can click the Facebook "Like" or the Google + button (which are strategically placed smack-dab in the middle of your page). This places a link to your page on the Facebook wall or Google + feed of everyone that clicks "Like" or "+" (your link is also automatically placed on the feed of every friend of the person that clicked "Like" or "+" (you're in front of 100's of "eyes" with one click - true viral promotion!).
  • Also, a simple click at the very bottom of the page and you can tweet on Twitter or share on Facebook - hey . . . why not give your page visitors every shot at promoting you?!

2. You get a personalized dynamic custom CONTACT FORM that puts your best foot forward as a first impression to your potential clients.

  • A custom success message from you appears on the screen when your form is filled out.
  • A custom auto-respond email is automatically sent from you to your potential customers after submit button is clicked.
  • An instant text message is sent to your mobile phone notifying you of the new lead.
  • An instant email is sent to your inbox with all the details from the new lead.
    • The instant notifications that you get allows you to quickly follow-up and let that hot lead stay HOT!


Other great features of your dynamic contact form:

  • Html code to place the same form on your own site if you wish or place links to your form on  your photo, video & project blog pages on the social network.
  • Password access to log on to your own unique Form Report which displays:

    • The amount of internet views your form(s) have received.

    • The amount of entries your form(s) have received.

    • The conversion rate (% of views that filled out form).

    • And a detailed report with all customer information from those who have filled out your form.

3.  Premium Member Unclaimed Leads . . . NEW benefit!

Leads come into DC Kingdom on a regular basis . . . leads that come into no particular Premium Members Contact form.

Sometimes, potential customers contact us directly looking for a contractor to give them a quote and we I will hand the lead off to a contractor in their area.

We hand these leads over to contractors that live close but every once in a while, time just isn't in the schedule to hunt down a contractor to hand the lead to.  Plenty of big potential jobs have come in over the last couple of years that have gone to no one.  This will help solve that issue . . .


Premium Member Unclaimed Leads

Go to http://www.decorativeconcretekingdom.com/unclaimed-leads.html and click on the current month (or any previous month) and scroll through available leads.  This are leads that are available for Premium Members to request to receive.

A few of you have indicated that you already do some traveling (or would consider it) if the project is big enough . . . well, here's your chance!


4.  Access to the exclusive private training group on DC Kingdom

  • Learn search tricks to rule Google and collect all the leads you need to stay busy.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions to force 100's of web pages to market your business for you . . . 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
  • And (most importantly) one-on-one tech support to make sure you do it right.

5. Free access to the Concrete Wood Manual 



  • Regular price of $49.95 to access the step-by-step manual & video. . . free for premium members.
  • From prep . . . to creating texture . . . to realistic staining - plus all the details and tech support you need to create a Concrete Wood masterpiece!

What is price for a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP?

An annual premium membership is less money than running an ad in your local paper for a few days.

  • Ive spend plenty of $ on newspaper and local yellow page listings that yielded nothing.
  • Why not get front and center in the places that people are actively searching for what you do?
  • With newspaper advertising, youre attempting to create the demand for your service by convincing them to contact you.
  • By focusing on the search engines, youre not attempting to create any demand or desire for what you do - its already there because your potential customer is actively searching FOR YOU ONLINE!


Payment Option # 1
Initial set-up fee of $99 then 24 monthly lease payments of $49 (paid by ACH)
LOCKED-IN monthly pricing going forward if agreement not cancelled/payments not missed.

Payment Option # 2
$495 per year with no initial set-up fee.  24 month lease. 2 yearly payments of $495 (paid by ACH)
LOCKED-IN yearly pricing going forward if agreement not cancelled/payments not missed.

How to sign up:

Fill out contract / lease agreement

Fill out and submit ACH payment form

Fax completed form to 855-792-7343


Email to terri@theconcreteprotector.com

Detailed video on how to fill out these forms properly

Instructions on filling out the ACP form:

After downloading the form, you can easily upload it into Google Drive in your Google account, right click the form, hover over “Open With” and open where it says DocHub – View, Edit & Sign PDFs.  Give DocHub permissions and fill out the form there and download it.  This is a secure, encrypted and quick way to do it through your Google account.

 Filling the form out:

Under the “Payment Information”  (after you fill in the “Account Holder Information” and the “Account Bank Information”):

Check Debit and then put DC Kingdom Membership on the "Description/Goods Purchased . . .” line.

Under that, ignore the box on the left and focus on the box on the right

Put a check in front of “Recurring"

  • If going with the yearly payment, your $495 payment will occur on the day we receive the form BUT write in your first payment date as the 15th of the month (your payment for next year and going forward will occur on the 15th of the same month).
  • If going with monthly payments, your first payment date should be on the 15th of next month (your $99 down payment will occur on the day we receive the form).

Check the box in front of "Open Ended”

If going monthly: 

$49 per payment

and check the Monthly box below that.

Or if going yearly:

$495 per payment

and check the Annually box below that.

Under Authorization:

Check the “Until Revoked” line and then Sign, Print name and date.


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