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Granite Tile Epoxy Flooring - Fort Wayne Indiana Area

By: Andy F
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Granite is a nice look. Tile is a nice look. Combine that with epoxy chip flooring and you have a beautiful floor. On one of our recent projects near Fort Wayne and New Haven, Indiana, we transformed our client's summer kitchen with the "Granite Tile" epoxy finish.

On bad DIY epoxy coating had to be removed first and a few area needed to be patched with FlexKrete and our fast setting polyurea product (Quick Fix), but after that - we were ready to put down a black base coat of epoxy.

The following day, we found the center of the room and based a 2 foot diagonal tile pattern off of that and then rolled another base coat of black epoxy over the tape. While the epoxy is still wet, we broadcast 1/16" chips (100% coverage) into the epoxy.

Our base epoxy is specially formulated for the Granite Tile application in which is allows our tape to be removed easily the following day. Plus the specialty tape that we utilize leaves zero adhesive behind.

The project was finished with a thick coat of clear epoxy and top coated with urethane for scratch resistance.

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Check-out the project pictures and video below:

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