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Effectiveness of a Premium Membership on Decorative Concrete Kingdom

By: Andy F
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Effectiveness of a Premium Membership on Decorative Concrete Kingdom

I know that many Premium Members on Decorative Concrete Kingdom have been getting great leads from the site,  I see leads coming in constantly.

Inexpensive & effective. Yeah, I hate to sound bias (I'm the creator & publisher), but I personally see it how well it works on a daily basis (many times on an hourly basis) for my guys. We've only got about 60 Premium Members listed on the directory but they're getting plenty of leads:

74 leads in January and a bunch already this month. Guys that are utilizing the free Social Network side of the site are getting leads as well (approximately 400 members).

Today, I asked a few guys if they would write a few words about their experience in being a Premium Member on DC Kingdom and here is a few of their responses:


Joining the Decorative Concrete Kingdom is one the best business decisions we have made.  We get leads on almost a daily basis and sometimes several a day.  Where else can you spend so little money on advertising and get such amazing results?  I highly recommend joining the Decorative Concrete Kingdom!!!


- Mark Weller



I want to tell you I am really pleased with signing up for the DC Kingdom.  I joined right when you were doing the transition to the new servers. Once you gave me the go ahead to load all my pics on the site, I had my first lead for a home being built in the Dayton area.  I was impressed on how fast I got my first lead in and the customer was glad to hear back from me. I just so happened to have a home show I was displaying at and he got to come talk with me there.  Keep up the great work!!

-Tom Eilerman


The Premium membership price is well worth the return! We have had 2 good leads this week already.

- Duane Howell  3D Concrete Solutions 


I highly recommend the DCK site to help bring in leads. It has paid for itself many times over! Simply post your best job pics on the site and the customers will be able to see your portfolio.


Mark Ferguson
Artistic Concrete Transformations



Check-it out & let me know if you have any questions (BTW, only $295 a year for a Premium Membership):

If you're interested in actually seeing recent incoming leads, check-out this month's leads or look at the long list of last month's leads.




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