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About DC Kingdom

By Andy F, 2015-05-19

Decorative Concrete Kingdom was created as a marketing tool to assist contractors in their marking efforts and to do what I (and other contractors) have done . . . . run a successful decorative concrete business fueled by the leads generated online. 

Photos, blog posts & videos combined with the correct keywords for your services and target market will produce an endless stream of local leads from people looking for what do you.  Many contractors have already experienced the benefits of our "Search Engine Blanketing" method and have landed great local projects!

There are two basic sides of the site:  the social network (which you're on right now) and the directory side (for Premium Members). Click here to find out more about promoting your business here on the social network and to find out more about the directory and the Premium Membership, click here.

No matter what product line you use, you're welcome to promote your business here on DC Kingdom!

Andy Franklin

Executive Publisher

Decorative Concrete Kingdom

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Effectiveness of a Premium Membership on Decorative Concrete Kingdom

I know that many Premium Members on Decorative Concrete Kingdom have been getting great leads from the site,  I see leads coming in constantly.

Inexpensive & effective. Yeah, I hate to sound bias (I'm the creator & publisher), but I personally see it how well it works on a daily basis (many times on an hourly basis) for my guys. We've only got about 60 Premium Members listed on the directory but they're getting plenty of leads:

74 leads in January and a bunch already this month. Guys that are utilizing the free Social Network side of the site are getting leads as well (approximately 400 members).

Today, I asked a few guys if they would write a few words about their experience in being a Premium Member on DC Kingdom and here is a few of their responses:


Joining the Decorative Concrete Kingdom is one the best business decisions we have made.  We get leads on almost a daily basis and sometimes several a day.  Where else can you spend so little money on advertising and get such amazing results?  I highly recommend joining the Decorative Concrete Kingdom!!!


- Mark Weller



I want to tell you I am really pleased with signing up for the DC Kingdom.  I joined right when you were doing the transition to the new servers. Once you gave me the go ahead to load all my pics on the site, I had my first lead for a home being built in the Dayton area.  I was impressed on how fast I got my first lead in and the customer was glad to hear back from me. I just so happened to have a home show I was displaying at and he got to come talk with me there.  Keep up the great work!!

-Tom Eilerman


The Premium membership price is well worth the return! We have had 2 good leads this week already.

- Duane Howell  3D Concrete Solutions 


I highly recommend the DCK site to help bring in leads. It has paid for itself many times over! Simply post your best job pics on the site and the customers will be able to see your portfolio.


Mark Ferguson
Artistic Concrete Transformations



Check-it out & let me know if you have any questions (BTW, only $295 a year for a Premium Membership):

If you're interested in actually seeing recent incoming leads, check-out this month's leads or look at the long list of last month's leads.



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Up & Running

By Andy F, 2015-01-24
Up & Running

After a couple weeks of stress, the new social network here at Decorative Concrete Kingdom is up and running without glitches!

With more ways to promote your business and better search engine optimization, I can finaly focus on adding more detailed content and instruction on how you guys can effectively utilize this site.

Look for more great stuff soon!

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Featured Posts

By Andy F, 2015-01-10
Featured Posts

All new featured posts from DC Kingdom will show-up here on the News page. 

"How To" and updates on successful members will be shown here!


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New Social Network

By Andy F, 2015-01-10
New Social Network

It's pretty obvious.  The social network on Decorative Concrete Kingdom is undergoing some MAJOR changes.

You'll have to bear with me here in the next few weeks because I'm sure that you'll see many changes in the way things look and function on the site.  The script is awesome and your data is secure on our own servers now it's just going to take a little time to adjust things here to:

  1. Make things work right
  2. Make things looks right
  3. Make things easy to do
  4. Make the search engines like us!

Let me know if you have any questions about the changes that are (and will be) happening!

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Granite is a nice look. Tile is a nice look. Combine that with epoxy chip flooring and you have a beautiful floor. On one of our recent projects near Fort Wayne and New Haven, Indiana, we transformed our client's summer kitchen with the "Granite Tile" epoxy finish.

On bad DIY epoxy coating had to be removed first and a few area needed to be patched with FlexKrete and our fast setting polyurea product (Quick Fix), but after that - we were ready to put down a black base coat of epoxy.

The following day, we found the center of the room and based a 2 foot diagonal tile pattern off of that and then rolled another base coat of black epoxy over the tape. While the epoxy is still wet, we broadcast 1/16" chips (100% coverage) into the epoxy.

Our base epoxy is specially formulated for the Granite Tile application in which is allows our tape to be removed easily the following day. Plus the specialty tape that we utilize leaves zero adhesive behind.

The project was finished with a thick coat of clear epoxy and top coated with urethane for scratch resistance.

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Check-out the project pictures and video below:

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One of our latest epoxy projects was in Montpelier, Ohio at the Montpelier Water Department's maintenance building. A gray floor paint that had been put down on the office and break room floors was pealing up and looking ugly so they contacted us to come up with a flooring solution.

They decided that our 100% chip coverage epoxy flooring application was the permanent look that they wanted and the picked-out our "Madras Blend" of chips at the size 1/8".

On day one, we shot blast the floors to remove existing paint and to properly profile the surface to permanently adhere our epoxy. Then cracks were filled with our fast setting crack repair product followed by our epoxy base coat in which the Madras blend of chips were broadcast into.

Day two, we cleaned up the loose chips and scraped the floor in both directions to knock down any high spots from the chips. Then applied a clear 100% solids epoxy at 100 square foot a gallon.

On the third and final day, we applied our 2 part urethane as a protective scratch resistant coat.

Here is a slide show the the complete makeover:
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At Your Home Or Business
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