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Hello Everyone, Apparently there is a little confusion with what I put a few days ago. This beacon device to get more leads is a network marketing program but I'm not pushing that. What I'm showing everyone is the latest technology on marketing your concrete business. When you have a happy client, you can ask them if you can leave one beacon in their home by the window and not touch it. That's it. Then anyone within 100 yards will get a notification thru goggle on their android phone about your services or any specials that you are running that takes them to your website or Facebook site. You can change your ad within seconds and keep track of which beacon is getting the most attention. For less than $12.40 per month per beacon if you chose to get 8 units, it is a cheap way to get leads. You can walk with one in your back pocket at Home Depot or at baseball game or football game and anyone within 100 yards will get your ad once they have their Bluetooth and location on. You can put one in your truck or the wife car or hand one to a friends that travels for business or your kid's back pack. The unit battery last up to 2 years. This new technology on marketing will explode the way we do business. Here is a 3 min video that explain the program, copy and paste this link,


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