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Win a David Stein Original Painting - Help Hurricane Harvey Victims!

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Hurricane Harvey has devestated my home town of Houston TX and I want to help. I am going to be giving away one of my recent Resin Art pieces to one of my YouTube viewers. Here is how it works. Anyone who donates $25 or more to 8 Days of Hope in order to help with flood relief will be entered into a drawing. In roughly 3 weeks I will do a video showing the drawing and announcing the winner. Whoever is picked will be notified by email as well and I will ship them my resin painting "The Hidden workings.

Here is a link to a video showing the work that 8 days of hope does.

Eight Days of Hope XIII - Lafayette, LA. Love Acadiana Recap

Here are some detailed instructions on how to participate in the drawing.

1. Visit eight days of hope and make a donation fo $25 or more. http://eightdaysofhope.com/donate

2. Send me an email with the title "8 Days of Hope Donation" and let me know that you donated. davidsteinart@outlook.com

3. The winner will be contacted by email after the drawing video and will need to froward me verification that they did in fact donate prior to the drawing and providing me with their adreess.

Thats it! I will ship the painting ASAP to your home.

Thanks for watching and please share with as many people as you can. I would love to see us raise a ton of money for this very worthy cause!


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